Brendan Whitt

Camp '67

From Brendan Whitt, the author of A Summer In Harlem and When the Crows Come Home comes his dramatic and episodic story about friendship. During the summer of 1967 a wealthy widow known as Ms. Cathy opens Camp Hope N' Oak, a progressive summer camp for children ages 11 to 13. Her hope is to create an environment where children can be free from the racial atmosphere they are subjected to in everyday life. In Cabin No.20 two black campers from different backgroundsbunk with two white campers. The new cabin mates get off to a rought start when one of them faces his own prejudices. Once over their racial misconseptions and assumptions Cabin No.20 goes in search of a secret "hangout" that the counselors go to when all of the campers are asleep. On their way to completeing the mission each one of the boys must fight his own personal battles including the death of a close friend and fellow camper.

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