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A summer in harlem by brendan whitt (2013)

The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which is scrambled Thad is your run of the mill fourteen year old from Beloit, Alabama in 1948. When his grandmother offers to send him to Harlem for the first three weeks of his summer break Thad is ecstatic. After all it is the birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance. All Thad knows about Harlem is Jazz music and Langston Hughes.

When Thad finally gets there it is hardly the Harlem he’s heard and read about. Harlem has now become a crime and poverty stricken area where shootings and drug addiction have begun to run rampant in the former Black Arts mecca. The old Jazz clubs are all shut down and the corners are filled with hustlers and former musicians turned junkies looking for a fix. With the help of his cousin Willie, Thad will get a crash course in life outside of his rural Alabama town.

This insightful look at the end of the Jazz era offers a gritty real world perspective from the creative mind of novelist Brendan Whitt. This historical fiction piece is one that is sure to keep you turning the page.

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when the crows come home by brendan whitt (2015)

Building on the ideas of his previous
two releases, Brendan Whitt
continues to bring his unapologetic
approach to writing with another
experimental and Hip-Hop influenced
poetry collection.

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camp '67 by brendan whitt (2016)

From Brendan Whitt, the author of A Summer In Harlem and When the Crows Come Home comes his dramatic and episodic story about friendship. During the summer of 1967 a wealthy widow known as Ms. Cathy opens Camp Hope N' Oak, a progressive summer camp for children ages 11 to 13. Her hope is to create an environment where children can be free from the racial atmosphere they are subjected to in everyday life. In Cabin No.20 two black campers from different backgroundsbunk with two white campers. The new cabin mates get off to a rought start when one of them faces his own prejudices. Once over their racial misconseptions and assumptions Cabin No.20 goes in search of a secret "hangout" that the counselors go to when all of the campers are asleep. On their way to completeing the mission each one of the boys must fight his own personal battles including the death of a close friend and fellow camper.


The Love of Passion or The Passion of Love in A-Minor BY BRENDAN WHITT

Monsieur Dumont, a very rich and influential member of the French aristocracy is marrying off his final and youngest daughter to another member of the aristocracy. He employs the talents of pianist Jacque Bonnet, a poor black farm hand who happens to be one of France's best kept secrets to compose and perform an one-act sonata at the couple's engagement announcement party.One night as Jacque works tirelessly on his commissioned piece he is visited by the apparition of a beautiful woman. Is this woman just a ghastly manifestation of Jacque's desires or is she something more? Only the sonata's completion will tell in this fantasy filled gothic playwriting debut of author and filmmaker Brendan Whitt.