Brendan Whitt


'Untitled 3' from 'If I Wrote a Hip-Hop Album'

Can we put the guns down
Put a L in the air
Its like every other week
All a young nigga hear
RIP my nigga
Another black male dead
And it hurt me soul
Make me wanna drop a tear
Another son aint here
Another brother gunned down
Can we put the guns down
I don’t who next
But I hope it aint me
Hope it aint my nigga
Hope it aint my fam
So what you ‘sposed to do
When the streets so cold
You need heat by ya belt
Like a nigga name Pacino
Whats the motive anyway
Mucho Dinero
But the means aint worth it
So I beg and I plead
Can we put the guns down
No more black mothers cryin’
Lil bros grow up mad
Cause he lost his brother, closest thing to his dad
It just make me so sad
Can we please put em down
Just put the guns down