Brendan Whitt


My Favorite Halloween Costumes of Social Media

Fall is finally in full swing following Halloween. Up next is Turkey Day and the Holiday shopping season as we all prepare to get drunk and ring in a 2016. But before we move into the back 9 of 2015, let’s take a look at my favorite costumes of social media this year.

Me and the girlfriend as Shaggy and Velma
Me and this Z-Fighter can spar whenever.
Drake and Serena Williams
Kelly Rowland and my stepson as Mickey and Minnie
I hate her... Call 
Chuckee Finster lookin' like
he's not down with Tommy's plan

A friend of mine and his lady as
Bob and Linda Belcher 
Dr. Dre's Classic The Chronic album
Cleveland artist and designer
Dakarai Ashby as rapper MF Doom
Aladin and his flying carpet

Loc Dog from Don't be a Menace
Kevin Hart and his Fiance as
Martin and Gina Payne
Biggie's legendary Ready to Die album cover
Future's hit summer album
Dirty Sprite 2
Future's infamous Gucci flip flop that
he fu***d your girl in.
The Fat Jew's Instagram
A mommy and her partner in crime