Brendan Whitt


Where are They Now?: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

Mad Men was a show that presented an era to us that many of us never got to live through. The 60’s were a time when America was holding it down as the top dog of the world, trying to find it’s way with race and politics and growing as a capitalistic society where every family had equal opportunity to get their piece of the American Dream. We followed the employees of Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency on 5th Avenue in New York for seven seasons spanning nine years.

We fell in love with Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks every time we saw their characters’ lives unfold during the decade that was. When the show ended this past May I felt like I was saying goodbye to my high school classmates all over again. So I thought, "Why don’t I create my own timeline of how my favorite characters lived out their lives once 1970 rolled in?" So Here we go!

1. Don Draper - It was confirmed that Don returned to work presenting the Pepsi ad seen at the end of the final episode. He continues to work at McCann Erickson as a Partner until his retirement in the late 90’s. He remarries in the 1980’s and is survived by his young wife and children when he dies in the mid 2000’s.
2. Roger Sterling - After marrying Megan’s mother, Marie, Roger retired. He travels the world with Marie before returning stateside. Joan allowed Roger to be involved in Kevin’s life and he does so until his death in the late 90’s.
3. Peggy and Stan Rizzo - Peggy finally found her a man in Stan! Peggy goes into Business Journalism while study for her degree. She becomes a published journalist and marketing\advertising consultant while Stan works for an art journal and has his work featured around the world. They also raise a beautiful family in the New Jersey suburbs. Both are still living.

4. Pete Campbell - Pete becomes a venture capitalist increasing his personal fortune to over $150 million by 1985. He and Trudy have another girl in the 70’s. Pete and Trudy now live in California enjoying their lives as grandparents.

5. Joan Harris - Joan becomes a consultant for women’s product lines and starts her own cosmetics line. She raises Kevin jointly with Roger later sending him to College where he studies business and law. Joan dies in 2012.

6. Ken Cosgrove - Ken Raises his family and later becomes partner at Dow Chemical. He sells his stake in the company after leaving in the 90’s and retiring with his wife to a ranch in upstate New York where he currently resides.

7. Harry Crane - Harry leaves New York scorned and upset. He becomes a Hollywood Producer in the mid 70’s and later starts his own film company in the 80’s. His wife divorces him somewhere during this due to his inflated ego and infidelity. He is currently retired and living in Southern California

8. Sally Draper - Sally takes her mother’s death fairly well as they get closer during Betty’s last days. She lives with Don and her brothers after Don buys a new home in the suburbs. Sally goes to college to study law and focusing in Environmental law. She becomes partner of her law firm in the mid 90’s.

9. Bobby and Gene Draper - Bobby goes into politics after watching his country evolve in the 60’s and 70’s. He becomes a senator in the 2000’s. Gene follows his older brother and goes to college to study business and politics.