Brendan Whitt


Remnants of a Second Class Citizen

So you’re young black and educated with half a brain. You wake up in the morning and think “here we go again”. Not with the typical “I gotta go to work, I gotta go to vlass, I’m behind on a bill, etc.” It’s a bit deeper than that. A 19 year old with my skin is going to be shot and killed today bearing the same skin as me. Unless there are eye witnesses his murder will go unsolved. A 14 year old girl will be sexually assaulted. She’ll tell somebody but no one will listen, cause her skin is like mine. Becky’s rape is all on CNN and the Facebook. She got hella shares and reposts by the way.

Somebody is gonna need 911 and the first responders won’t show up until approximately a half hour late. Hopefully the emergency isn’t life threatening. Nevermind, call the coroner too. An older whit woman will clutch her purse as a young black man reciting Future or Migo lyrics walks past her on his way to work. She listens to a ton of NPR though. Some white millennial is posting on social media about BLM and other SJW causes without ever being pro active. Reposts just circulate news, they rarely if ever invoke change.

Some corny ass privileged white boy will use his parent’s credit card to build a studio in his room. He’ll write lame ass lyrics and consider himself a rapper. Sadly he does not understand the social and cultural relevance of Hip-Hop. It’ just Lit to him. All the while some twig of a valley girl will write about “summer trends” in Teen Vogue calling Timbs a “hot new style”.

By the time I finish brushing my teeth I will have forgotten all of these things as I head out into this forever White man’s world. In a sigh of exhaustion “here we go again”…

Brendan Whitt