Brendan Whitt


Blought #3 'Netflix Done Saved my Life'

Don’t you just hate those long miserable nights when there’s absolutely nothing to watch? You’re on the couch and you've just passed the 1000’s for the third time. Then you start to wonder, “how in the hell do I pay over $100 a month for all these channels and I still cant find anything to watch”. Well I’m here to tell you that I haven’t had that problem in over four months, thanks to Netflix. I think one night before Al Gore went to sleep he looked to the sky and prayed to the internet gods for a solution to television boredom. When he awoke, he had a Netflix subscription. Wikipedia should cite me for that.

When I look at my life before the almighty Netflix, I see TV with no color or sound. Now I have the greatest invention since internet porn streaming right into my XBOX. I haven’t had HBO or Starz in about six or seven years but ever since Netflix those channels mean nothing to me. Sometimes when you channel surf you have a mood set for what you want to watch. Netflix will meet those needs. Bored? Watch an action movie. Babysitting? Search all of the children’s categories. Want to relive your childhood? Watch Rocky and Bullwinkle, GI Joe (the cool 80’s version), or watch old Nickelodeon shows from the 90’s. You can even watch it on your tablet or phone for those long car rides and family get-togethers you don’t remember agreeing to go to.

You know the selection of shows and movies is absurdly huge when the suggested categories include “Suspenseful Spy Thrillers“, “Asian Action Movies“, and “Family-friendly Talking-animal Animation“. You might as well pay the $7.99 a month for stream when you already pay an extra $10 bucks on a package for one specific channel but that package includes 15 channels you don’t watch. So to Netflix and Al Gore’s prayers one nigh full of boredom, I thank thee.