Brendan Whitt


Blought #4 'The Gift and Curse of Leggings'

     I love women. I love them so much that when I see one I really find attractive, I tend to stare at them and undress them with my eyes (creep, but I don’t care). I love a woman with nice curves and tight pants. When leggings became an actual article of clothing  to be worn outside the house I was extremely excited. Sadly like most things attractive women wear some women abuse leggings. I know people in stores lie to you for commission, but selling you leggings when you aren’t fit for them is taking it too far.
     First off, overweight  women need to stop it. Sexy big women do exist, but leggings just isn’t your thing. Your stomach hangs over the waistband and your ass looks like a worn out pillow. Like the one your grandparents always give you when you sleep over and you wake up with a sore neck. Just stop it, get sexy in another article of clothing. Pencil thin girls, you also need to knock it off too. When leggings are baggy in the butt region you are too damn skinny for leggings.
     I’m not too up on styles for women but I think leggings as stand alone pants is kind of gross Most of the time you have camel toe. I wear skinny jeans, I know how hot genitals can get in tight pants. Your sweaty moose knuckle is not attractive. Wear a shirt that covers that are up or a skirt or something. One last guideline in my opinion is no sparkly, glittery, neon colored, or animal print leggings. Basic colors are good enough. If you wear any ridiculous patterns I should be able to offer you $20 for a blowjob and you not get offended. Listen to these wise words and you won’t look like an idiot the next time you wear leggings.
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