Brendan Whitt


Blought #5 'Gotta Love Sparknotes'

At the tender age of 21 I have spent 76% of my life in school. I've written countless papers and essays and I've taken plenty of test. I've also been forced to read a decent amount of books that I didn't like. The coolest thing about my generation is that invention called the Internet. Thanks to Google Scholar and Wikipedia fuck all encyclopedias. Now, thanks to Sparknotes I never have to read another lame book again. I was recently assigned “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen. Sorry, but most straight men don’t do Jane Austen and her lame ass 18th century literature.

Thanks to Sparknotes, I turned that little teenaged love fest into a quick ten minute read. Sparknotes not only gives you the plot, but it also gives you a character list and  a list of themes used in the story. All the garbage your professor wants you to look for and you don’t care for is there. Writing a five page analysis has never been easier. Only downside is some titles aren't there. Most of the time some of your bigger name titles are there. Sparknotes is sure to get you through those 250-page novels that don’t grab your attention but you have to write a paper on it. All I can say is thank god I’m not an English major.