Brendan Whitt


Blought #6 '#F*** Yo Followers'

Is it me or does it seem like my generation has become infatuated with a new addiction? My fellow millennials seem to be wrapped up in this thing called "followers". While I admit I am an avid instagrammer (@sneakersmcgee) I don't get wrapped up in my follower count. I follow a bunch of celebs and personalities with a few friends and family thrown in there. I started to notice this obsession with follower count back in the Myspace years. The more friends you had, the cooler you were, although you only knew like 25 of you 762 myspace friends. Facebook was a completely different beast. This was when I started to see followers hit the thousands. Why in the hell would anyone want 2000 people in their business? Not I.

The sad part about all of this is the vanity and the lack of human interaction this is causing. Most guys with a high number of followers is usually what I call an "internet playa". They bag girls with lame song lyrics or questionable selfies in an attempt to bag the ladies. The ladies they bag are usually the girls who post, well meaningless song lyrics and the not so occasional but rather too often self revealing and most of the time self depriving selfie. This usaully contains her exposing a little breasts while wearing some scantily clad outfit. Sure, I met my girfriend of three years on Facebook but at least our pages are something our parents won't be too ashamed of.

This a call to my generation. Don't use social media as your outlet for emotion or the pics you took of yourself half naked after a shower. Get up, get out, and do something. I'm not perfect but I surely practice what I preach. Use your Twitter, Instagram, FB, or whatever else is out there these days to showcase your passion, talent, or just a simple pic of a bluejay you saw or your favorite Starbucks drink. Don't think because you have 1500 followers and 850 "friends" that you've accomplished something, because you haven't. Fuck Yo Followers nigga!!!