Brendan Whitt


Blought #7 'Avant Garde Hip-Hop and Why it Needs to Die'

Hip-Hop has now been around for nearly 40 years. The impact it has left on the music world is hard to put into words. It has spanned over numerous eras and has spawned many of its own sub-genres. Hip-Hop has seen it's Golden Age, Conscious Age, Gangsta Age, and now a new age. The rebirth of Hip-Hop that has taken place over the past five or six years is breeding a sound and culture I really don't like. Before I get into that let me do a little background.

In the early 2000's my favorite artist of "All Time!" broke onto the scene. Yes, I'm talkin' about Mr. Kanye Omari West. He not only brought millions of records and countless Grammys, he also brought his own style. Kanye has remained relevant thanks to his phoenix like approah. After every album Kanye was able to reinvent himself and bring a new and different styled Kanye to the table. This las go around he brought something my genration just won't let go of. This new Avant Garde style Hip-Hop. When Ye first did it, I won't lie. It was kind of cool. Heavy bass lines, choral like arrangements in the back ground, and his weird $600 leather skirts was something we all expected from the musical genius.

Sadly many of my peers have taken it too far. Many artist have taken to the sound and they bring nothing new. Just a recycled Kanye type product. Its okay for an entertainer to wear a leather skirt, but the average joe wearing Pyrex. You  look stupid. When did it become cool to wear over-sized hockey jerseys  that replace capital A's with capital V's with trim along the bottom that looks like black and white 1960's floral wall paper? Remember people, he's an entertainer, you are not. Only thing worse than you are hipsters, and America hates hipsters! So lets stop thinking we all can make the next HAM instrumental and stop with the Pyrex purchases and let this fad die. Avant Garde means ahead of its time. You're just recycling it.