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My Truth, My Fiction

“When I first decided to pursue creative writing I had no idea how much of my subconscious and memories would unlock themselves and become exposed on the page. I started off as a hopeful journalist in high school but by college I had figured out that I wanted to become an author and screenwriter because of the power of creativity.”

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Blought #30: Obama's Cookout

“Most importantly, I was waiting to hear the first president say “nigga” on live TV. Like in a, “The Republicans still trippin’, so me and Joe said ‘fuck them niggas.’ And we got it done.” kind of way. The entire state house would have erupted in applause and cheers. Of course, I was wishful thinking.”

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Hipsters, Yuccies and the Black Urban Creative

“The black urban creative is excluded from the Yuccie culture by definition. A hipster or Yuccie that lives in an urban neighborhood lives there because of gentrification. A black urban creative lives in the hood by circumstance. Yuccies have the choice of Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and the seasonal farmers’ markets. The black urban creative has the choices of a supermarket full of sugary and processed meats, fruits and vegetables.”

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