Brendan Whitt


Blought #39: Warning: The Black Woman has Taken Over

This week my heart has been filled with joy. Two of the Black community’s most celebrated and accomplished women have grabbed headlines by taking the reigns over self-care and what the standard of beauty truly is. Tracee Ellis-Ross, the award-winning actress, model, producer, and entrepreneur released her hair care line Pattern. Ellis-Ross’ company offers a hair care line that is truly made by us for the consumption of us. Her product comes in offerings for “curlies”, ‘coilies”, and “tight textures”. With these kinds of names this is truly a product made for “Black” hair. Shouts out to sista Tracee for helpin’ us manage these naps and curls.

Rhianna on the other hand appears to be out for blood. The fashion world has been in awe for the past 48 hours after the award-winning singer turned fashion icon to be revealed her Savage-X-Fenty collection. To quote Andre Leon Talley, “Rhianna smashes the crystal ceiling and created the new norm…” Many are claiming death to the Angels as a rally cry to do away with the stagnant body images that Victoria’s secret promotes and clearly champions. Rihanna is being championed for giving women of all races, ethnicities, and body sizes a space to fee and BE beautiful.

The common theme between both of these savants of modern beauty is inclusion. With one of Ellis-Ross’ trademarks being her flawlessly beautiful curly hair she is the perfect spokesperson for the products that the Black community needs. From her time as a teen model for Warhol, to her time as Joan Clayton, to now; Tracee’s hair is iconic in and of itself. To be a Black woman with a hair care product line that for her sisters and brothers is nothing short of Madame CJ Walker. For Rihanna to include all races and sizes in her fashion show is just as commendable. News Flash: All Men Aren’t Exclusively Attracted to Skinny Pencil Thin White Women. I’m married to a beautiful Black woman with juicy thighs and a little meat on her bones. I’m just proud that these two women are steering the ship towards waters where the differences in women can be celebrated and embraced.