Brendan Whitt


Cavs Offer Relief for Browns Fans by Giovanni Castelli

The Browns are once again stinking up the joint with a 2-5 record, a 36-year old journeyman starting at the most important position in the NFL while continuing to be a perennial loser since their return in 1999. Lucky for us, the Cavs‬ are back which for Cleveland sports fans is a good thing. They are a really good team, boast the best player in the world and are once again favorites to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

Let's just say the end of October each year has come to signify the end of Browns season and the beginning of Cavs season due to the Browns constant futility on and off the field. Today when asked about the QB situation I heard Mike Pettine say: "If you don't laugh you cry." Really?! I say that when something utterly BLOWS!! Which in my mind means Pettine knows his QB's BLOW!!
I just heard Tony Grossi say "It's not that difficult to get a QB!" As if he was yelling at the front office. What a joke the Browns are right now. New uniforms, a stadium makeover, a couple new mascots and a dog named SWAGGER (this team has no swagger!) can't cover up the DOG POOP product that has been put on the field since 1999.

Thank God LeBron came back. With the Cavs being the favorites in the NBA, the Browns can now go about their business sucking through another losing season and missing another opportunity to not LOSE a generation of fans. And they wonder why we go to the Muni-Lot at 6am to drink. That's the only time we have fun on Sundays. It seems that every time we leave the stadium we do so mad and disappointed due to another Browns loss.

On that note, see you Sunday Browns. You mean, abusive douche.
But more importantly. GO CAVS!!!