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Blought #38: I Get the MLB's Struggle Now

“…there were way too many stars suspected of juicing. How can your league truly prosper when the biggest names in the sport have an asterisk next to their home run totals? That’s like Michael Jordan having an asterisk next to his name because he juiced to win his six NBA titles. Can you imagine what would have happened to the NBA or Nike’s bottom line?”

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'A man on a Mission with his Skateboard' by Brendan Whitt

“ In 2008 Ja'Ovvoni started providing skate lessons as a way to help build the Cleveland skate scene. He offered free lessons to youth at the Stella Walsh recreation center on Broadway on Cleveland's east side. Ja'Ovvoni credits Marty Piczazak who “fought to make it happen” as he put it.”

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Blought #29: What the 2016 Playoffs Mean to Certain Legacies

“ This year’s playoffs have a different feel to them. The East is a much stronger conference than it was a year ago and we finally have a fairly healthy field of players to start (Sorry Memphis). Certain teams and players have a lot riding on their team’s success during this year’s playoffs.”

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