Brendan Whitt


Blought #34Great Superbowl, Trash Season

I love football but I'm glad this season is over (Browns going 1-15 was agonizing). Yes, streaming had a huge impact on this past NFL season's ratings. We millennials are gravitating towards streaming instead of spending over $100 on the most basic of cable packages. For me the NFL's product just wasn't that great.

A 6-6 tie between Seattle and Arizona was one of the lowest points of the season. Partner that with Goodell's Trumponian ban on celebrations, this season just didn't excite me. Even the playoffs were horrible. A stagnant Houston offense beat a Derek Carr-lees Oakland, Seattle beat Detroit 26-6 only to turn around and lose to the eventual SB runner ups Atlanta on a score of 36-20.

Pittsburgh beat Miami 30-12, a week later they beat Kansas City with only field goals. Not to mention my Giants getting handled by Green Bay 38-13 For me the playoffs only produced two good games, Dallas vs Green Bay and the Superbowl. 

At least we got a competitive and entertaining Pro Bowl this year. Hopefully we can get celebrations back and better games next year. Let's eliminate Thursday football too, those games always suck.

Brendan Whitt