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Blought #35 They Came, They Played, They Conquered

The Miami Big 3 era has officially ended with the mutual parting of Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat. Unlike most Cavs fans I wasn't too broken up about LeBron Leaving. I was more excited about my favorite player Dwyane Wade teaming up with Bron and Bosh, and boy were those an exciting 4 years.

Miami made it to four straight Finals, winning two of them allowing Bron, D Wade, and Bosh to cement themselves in the Pantheon of NBA Greats. What the Miami Big 3 did for basketball was change the business model of building a team. If you want a championship then you have to spend big. You can't hope to get lucky like San Antonio and draft a Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker with a Kawhi in the wings. You can't even hope to draft a Steph, Klay and Draymond. Hell, even they went to go get Kevin Durant.

Some fans hated the team that called South Beach home while others, including myself appreciated the greatness we witnessed. No matter what side you were on, that team was something special and will definitely be remembered as one the best.


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